ABCs To Save Our Planet

One of my new years’ resolutions was to review the “ABCs of Life” every day.  This list, created by Byron Garret, is a wonderful collection of worthy actions important to our happiness and well-being. For example, “Be Kind”.   It recently occurred to me we need a list of things we can do to save our planet from global warming and climate change.  I decided to create one and I’ve called it the ABCs to Save Our Planet.

I’ve written one or more blogs relating to each of these 26 items.  For example, “Kick The Plastic Straw Habit” is linked to the 8/13/2019 blog entitled The Last Straw which provides more information on why we should stop using plastic straws.  If you’d like to read more on any of these topics, each item below is hyper-linked to a related blog. I hope you enjoy.

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