Native American Heritage Month

I recently learned that November is Native American Heritage Month.  (Thank you, James.) This declaration originated over 100 years ago as a day of recognition for the significant contributions Native Americans have made to our nation. President George H. W. Bush expanded it into a month-long celebration by approving a joint resolution of Congress, establishing … Continue reading Native American Heritage Month

Climate Court

Judges play a crucial role in protecting our rights as citizens.  That’s their job and often when deciding cases, judges must strike a balance between competing interests of different citizens and groups using our constitution as the roadmap.  Choosing judges that will fairly execute these responsibilities is therefore extremely important because otherwise, justice will not … Continue reading Climate Court

Vote To Save Our Planet

Sierra Club's Endorsement The presidential candidates will debate for the first time on September 29, 2020. Two other debates will follow soon thereafter. Citizens will be watching to better understand where the candidates are on current issues and their plans.  There are many criteria which can be considered when deciding whether to vote for the … Continue reading Vote To Save Our Planet