This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein

In December, 2018, my son gave me a book, This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein.  It’s a book about Climate Change.  It describes how our civilization is destroying our planet – and the impacts associated with our actions – and how we, as a society, must change in order to survive.  It was a very informative and troubling read.  And while I was somewhat aware of Climate Change issues, I had not “bored into” many of the details including some of the myths regarding the issues.  This book gave me that opportunity and I decided, as my new year’s resolution, to take personal steps to improve the planet.  That is, what can I do better to lessen my impact on the destruction of our planet?  A big part of my efforts include being better educated on things that I do that affect the planet.

I shared this resolution with my daughter who suggested I document what I learned or observed or did, and share these observations with others – she suggested I “blog” about it.  Since I was unfamiliar with the mechanics of “blogging” she offered to help.  She set up a platform for me and explained how to use it.  This is my first installment on that platform. 

So “How” to approach this objective?  I believe that to lessen my impact on the planet, first of all I need to look at ways I can reduce my personal energy consumption. I am convinced that the key to saving the planet is to reduce the consumption of fossil fuel based energy.  By reducing my energy consumption, less fossil fuel will need to be extracted from the earth because of me.  And, I believe that is the change necessary.  How do I consume energy and what choices do I have?  Well, there’s a lot.  To start, my transportation choices; how I live at home; what I consume; — all of these things involve choices I make every day.  I plan to take examine these and other things and hopefully learn and do better.

If you are reading this, I hope it is useful and I invite you to share any comments.  We all share the same planet.

8 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Very well written, Mike. You take a reasonable approach that can make a difference. Without being a zealot and telling other people what they should, you are focusing on what you can do. I can no longer throw away a plastic bottle or metal can. Sometimes the packaging of these products is unavoidable, but we can make common sense decisions to minimize waste. It’s learned behavior over time. Old habits are hard to break, but we need to keep working on it. Atta’ Boy!!


    1. Jerry, what a nice, nice comment. Thank you. You’re so right that what we do is largely learned behavior and we can change. Our planet thanks you too. You made my day.


  2. Almost thou persuadest me to be less wasteful and glutinous. I appreciate your patient and thoughtful inspiration of why and how to be better stewards of our environment. Great job, Cuz


    1. Wonderfully, and colourfully written my dear Cuz. Thou hast brightened my otherwise overcast horizon today – other than the earlier comment I received from another dear friend. Please stayeth in touch as thou has often much to offer.


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