The Other Candidate

Last week I outlined the Democratic Candidates positions relative to climate change. This week I’ll contrast those with the positions and policies of President Trump.

In sum, the presumed Other Candidate, Donald Trump, will describe his climate-change leadership as “No one cares more about the environment than me.”  But the facts do not support this assertion!  In November 2020, the voting public will decide if Trump should continue to enact climate change policies that contradict this stated care or if the Democratic candidate, whomever wins the nomination, will replace him.   As a reminder, the Democratic candidates will discuss their plans for addressing climate change in televised forums this month.  CNN will host one on September 4 and MSNBC will host a two-day forum on September 19 & 20.  I hope these forums will enable the public to learn more about what is needed to sustain our environment and avoid the climate wrecking ball. 

In a story in the N.Y. Times entitled “Trump to Miners, Loggers and Drillers: This Land Is Your Land” the evidence is clear and the title says it all. My conclusion, based on overwhelming evidence, is that Donald Trump has been and will continue to be a wrecking ball to planet earth! I plan to make an informed choice November 2020.

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