Houston Arbor Day – 2022

The idea of recognizing and celebrating the planting of trees was conceived by Julius Sterling Morton, a Nebraska journalist who later became U.S. Secretary of Agriculture under President Grover Cleveland.   The first Arbor Day in Nebraska was celebrated April 10, 1874 and over the years, it evolved into a national holiday as more states recognized … Continue reading Houston Arbor Day – 2022

Let’s Not Give Up

I recently finished two interesting books that I want to share. Rising, subtitled Dispatches from the New American Shore, by Elizabeth Rush, is a comprehensive examination of how climate change is affecting sea levels - most significantly in coastal areas, like Louisiana, Florida, Long Island, San Francisco, and others in America.  She provides compelling evidence … Continue reading Let’s Not Give Up

We’re Going Solar!

Typical solar residential diagram. Unlike most configurations, SunPower's inverters are integrated into the solar panels providing higher performance. Recently we moved from an 80-unit, urban condo, into a single-family home in the suburbs.  Our condo had shared common spaces (including the roof) and to implement solar panels for our entire building would require pursuing agreement … Continue reading We’re Going Solar!

Happy New Year, Earth

For the past two years, I’ve written and posted every Tuesday morning, focusing on some aspect of climate change or global warming, with the intent of making specific choices to save our planet.  Hopefully, by sharing what I’m learning and doing, more people would adopt behaviors that further that objective.  Most of the topics for … Continue reading Happy New Year, Earth

Call In The Cavalry

I’ve been following the announced appointments of the Biden administration relative to energy and climate issues, and so far, I’m impressed.  After four dismal years of the T***p administration’s systematic dismantling of environmental protections and policies, it’s as though Planet Earth said “Call in the Cavalry” and Biden and his new team appeared, riding over … Continue reading Call In The Cavalry