Earth Day, 2021

The future of our planet is in our hands.

Tomorrow, April 22, 2021, is Earth Day – a good time to think about what we need to do to save our planet. A couple of days ago there was a feature in the New York Times that explains what climate change is and what we can do about. The beauty of this piece is that it is written for kids. Truth is, it is an excellent explanation for everyone of what’s going on and what we need to do about it.

I hope you will read this brief item.  You may learn something and you’ll be in a position to explain what climate change is to your children or grandchildren, your nieces and nephews, and your friends, so they can share with their children and others.  Climate change will affect this younger generation much more that it will affect most of us reading this and we’re the ones that need to do something about it now!

Consider this Earth Day a new beginning of what you might be able to do to make a difference.  And in addition to things you can do, perhaps the most important thing you should consider is making your concerns known to those that are instrumental to this issue – namely government leaders at all levels, corporations – large and small, and advocate organizations. 

Soon, the Biden administration will announce new targets for addressing climate change.  Let’s hope enough of our government will support the new initiatives and we can look forward to a better future, instead of a bad future – especially for our children.

The article is entitled: Bad Future, Better Future    A guide for kids, and everyone else, about climate change – and what we can do about it. Click the link. You won’t be disappointed and you can make a difference.

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