My New Years Resolutions

Every year I write down my new year’s resolutions.  Typically, they are a “repeat” of what I wrote down last year.  The list may sound familiar to you, like loose “xx” pounds, read more, watch less TV, exercise more, eat better, etc.  You know, the usual ones.  Since I keep writing down most of the same ones every year, it suggests I’m not making much progress. Truth is, on some I am making progress, but not all. 

One of my resolutions for 2019 (see “Why”) was to take personal steps to improve the planet.  That is, what can I do better to lessen my impact on the destruction of our planet?  A big part of my effort included becoming more educated on things that I do and how my choices affect the planet.  I decided to write about what I was doing and learning and share that information with others – hence,  For 2020, I decided this issue was too important to quit, so I plan to continue. 

Beyond that, for 2020 I’ve decided to broaden the scope of my resolutions.  For years, we’ve had a small sign in our home called the “ABCs of Life”.  Pictured below, it was created by Byron Garret, an author, entrepreneur, and education advocate. 

The ABC’s of Life

All of these “ABCs” are worthy actions and important to our happiness and well-being.  So, another of my new resolutions for 2020 is to review these ABCs every day and reflect on how I’m doing. 

Another thing I plan to do is to examine how I’m spending my time.  All of us only have so much time and it seems to me that often there is just not enough of it.  Maybe I’m spending too much time on things that really aren’t worth my time.  I found an interesting article that listed 15 activities that are worth your time.  According to the article’s author, the 15 useful activities worthy of your time are: 1. Working out, 2. Spending time with people you love, 3. Learning how your body works, 4. Journaling, 5. Learning a skill, 6. Making a financial strategy, 7. Watch good movies/TV shows, 8. Listening to music, 9. Reading, 10. Talking about life, 11. Going to the sauna, 12. Discovering new books, 13. Watching sports, 14. Laughing, 15. Working on your goals.

I like this list – some items more than others – but overall, it provides good food for thought.  And many of these “time-worthy activities” dovetail nicely with the ABCs of Life.

Happy New Year. 

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