It’s About Choices

Last year I began writing about choices I could make to “Save The World”.  Some choices, such as eliminating plastic water and soda bottles, and plastic straws, have been very easy. Similarly, eliminating plastic bags and using reusable shopping and vegetable bags is now automatic. Every time I use them, it makes me feel good about the fish I might be saving. Making better food choices, such as substituting grains for red meat, wasting less food, and composting, required some changes in my meal planning and habits, but now have become routine. Consuming less, e.g., clothing and other “stuff”, required a bit of discipline, but it reminded me of the difference between the things I wanted as compared to the things I really needed. And, the idea of figuring out how to use less energy, whether it involves how we get around, our home environment, or our activities, provides an ongoing effort – like a game that is fun and challenging. (See my ABCs To Save The Planet.)

But perhaps the most important choice I’ll make for a while was also pretty easy – deciding to vote for candidates that will protect our planet – in contrast to those candidates that will not.  This was an easy choice – given the evidence of the past 4 years of actions by our President and the G.O.P. members of Congress.  And while many members of the Democratic party have their flaws, on balance I believe their policies put people and our planet ahead of self-serving and corporate interests. 

Today is November 3, 2020, election day throughout the United States of America.  I am guardedly hopeful our election this year will proceed as in years past, peacefully, acknowledging and accepting the voice of the people.  But unfortunately, there have already been instances of individuals creating chaos and intimidating others for political gain. Not surprisingly, our President has applauded this unruly behavior. And on election day, as well as the following days, many predictions for upheaval surround us and the future of our democracy seems to be at risk.  The upcoming days and weeks may prove to be some of the more challenging times for our country but America has faced some difficult challenges before. Our institutions are designed to protect orderly government and democracy. Let’s hope the individuals holding the reins of power do their duty to protect our country.

I voted and I hope you did, too. It’s too important not to.

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